Saturday, 25 February 2012

Flax Curl Cream

Since beginning my quest to avoid products with harmful chemicals, I've been making and testing a lot of my own homemade skin and hair care.  My last post was a recipe I followed for making my own body balm.  It's very moisturizing and works way better than the store-bought stuff for my eczema and dry skin in winter.  

My next move is towards not using shampoo, conditioner, and any purchased hair products.  Shampoo became mainstream in the early 20th century, before that, people just used plain old bar soaps and water.  It worked for people back then, but advertising has led us all to believe that we need to buy specific shampoos and conditioners to have beautiful hair.  Today's shampoos contain chemicals like Methylisothiazolinone a powerful preservative and artificial colours and fragrances.  I'd rather go without, thank you!  So lately, I've been washing my hair with an organic shampoo bar and rinsing with apple cider vinegar or coconut milk to hydrate my hair.  But the one thing I haven't been able to go without is my mousse!  

So after trying a few other recipes, the best thing I found was this:

1 tablespoon whole brown flax seeds
1 cup water
3 drops essential oil

Bring 1 cup of water to boil in a small saucepan on medium-high heat.  Add 1 tablespoon of whole brown flax seeds and keep stirring.  

Allow the seeds some time to boil so that they will start to release their gel.  Keep stirring occasionally so that the seeds don't stick to the bottom of the pot.  You will start to see a thin layer of film on the surface of your mixture.

Take it off the heat once you see the water getting white and milky.  Pour your mixture into a knee high stocking stretched over a bowl.  The stocking will sift out the seeds, but it will require some assistance.  

Using plastic or bamboo tongs, squeeze the cream out through the stocking and into a bowl.

Add a few drops of essential oil - I used sweet orange oil - smells nice!  I also added a few vitamin E capsules to make my hair healthy and increase the shine!  Use a whisk to mix.  

This recipe makes about a 1/2 cup of product.  Store yours in an airtight container and refrigerate it.  It will last about 3-4 weeks before you can consider it expired.

My curls are soft and bouncy now, no flakes too :)  I like it even more then my expensive mousse.  

You can wash your stocking with warm water and save the seeds for your next batch.  Use them twice to extract your own curl cream or make a second batch for a friend!  And the best thing is that flax seeds are so affordable, it will cost pennies for each batch of curl cream - $2.00 for a year of beautiful curls!


  1. I'm going to try this! I'm a curly girl, too, and like you, I am trying to use more homemade beauty products. Thanks for posting!

  2. Hi urban vegan! I really hope you like this cream. If your hair is dry like mine, try adding a bit of pure aloe vera gel or coconut oil to your flax cream to make your curls softer and more hydrated. Not too much or you'll get frizzy - I'm sure after a few experiments, you'll get it just right :)

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    1. I originally just said thank you for this and that it was awesome, but I wanted to thank you and ask you how it is working? Are you still using this and does it still work for your curls? I have loose curls and love my moose but need a replacement that is chemical free. I'm doing the same thing you were and replacing all my products with natural ones. Thank you so much once again. :)

    2. Hi Emily! Yes, I am still using this formula and it still works great. The hold is just as strong as any other product out there. I've since tried many "shampoos" for my hair and it's amazing what household items actually clean your scalp. The longer you go without commercial shampoos and conditioners, the better your hair will feel. The first few months is awful because your hair will feel dry, but it will get better!

  4. Oh thank you so much for your reply! This makes me feel better... I have pretty good hair most of the time but I was getting a lot of fall out and so i haven't used a commercial Shampoo in a few weeks and it seems better but a bit dry still. Anyway thanks for the support and the recipe! I'm glad to know it still works for you...if you have any other advice for me about how to get my hair to stay frizz free all day naturally I would love to hear it. Thanks again for your reply :-)

  5. how do you use it? A dime size amount on wet hair?