Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Breakfast For Lunch at Sunset Grill

When I was a kid, my mother sometimes made breakfast food for lunch or dinner.  I loved the bizarre feeling of having waffles and cereal in the evening!  That's probably why I am attracted to restaurants that feature an "all day breakfast" menu.  Sunset Grill offers the best of both worlds by combining their breakfast menu with their other meal options such as hamburgers, sandwiches and salads.

I could spend hours reading the menu at Sunset Grill; every dish sounds mouthwatering delicious!  It took some time to decide, but I started with a coffee (which was like water - yuk) and settled on the "Sunset Super" which comes with three eggs, your choice of bacon or sausages, two fluffy pancakes and home fries.  I was surprised by the amount of food we got for only about $10 a plate.  I chose to have my eggs over easy with sausage.  

My mom chose her eggs scrambled with bacon :)

My sister ordered the Sausages & Three Eggs which is considered a Sunset Grill Favourite.  It is also served with home fries and toast.

My jaw dropped when our super pancakes were brought to the table.  These are the fluffiest pancakes I have ever seen - about 3/4 of an inch think!  The Sunset Super comes with 2 large pancakes and I wish I had a picture of them... I was too busy buttering them and pouring syrup on em'!  They were total pancake perfection.

Besides the weak coffee, Sunset Grill is amazing.  I like the diner-like atmosphere and the servers are very friendly.  Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and now I can have it the way I like it anytime of the day!

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