Sunday, 1 May 2011

First Time Korean BBQ at Kazan

I just got back from Kazan Korean BBQ.  I have never tired Korean food before, so I was really anxious to try it.

We ordered the BBQ Course B which is perfect for 4-5 people.  We were five people and there was enough food for everyone.  We were given a plate of seafood, a plate of beef, and a plate with bacon and chicken.  To start, we were given a nice pot of warm spicy soup while we grilled the seafood.  The seafood is unseasoned, so I would suggest using the dipping sauce provided.

We were also given rice and all sorts of sides like grilled eggplant, pickled cabbage, cooked spinach and sliced radish.  At first, I wasn't particularly interested in trying any of the sides, but after tasting, I really liked them!  The eggplant was my favourite and we asked the waitress to bring more to our table.  As for the meats, the beef was a little chewy, but was still very tasty dipped in the sauces.  The bacon and the chicken; both a ten out of ten!  Some people like to sandwich their beef and bacon between two pieces of lettuce before eating.  A plate stacked with freshly washed crisp lettuce was provided for this purpose.  I would have liked to make a salad instead :)

Overall, I would recommend this restaurant to someone who enjoys trying new food or to anyone who loves Korean BBQ.

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