Friday, 20 May 2011

Girl's Night Out @ Maki Sushi

My friends and I make an effort to meet at Maki Sushi at least once a month and I am always really excited to go.  This place has become "our spot" because it's closeby and we love the all you can eat menu.  Whenever we have reservations, I cannot help thinking about it all day long and telling everyone I know that I am going to Maki Sushi.  For $23 and over 100 items to choose from, it's the best value you can find for good Japanese food.

We usually order our favourite items in combination with some new things to try outTonight, we began with green salads, vegetable fried udon noodles and spring rolls.  Edemame, which are lightly boiled and salted soy beans are also a nice starter, although not a preference of mine...

If you like sushi and would like some suggestions, our favourite rolls to order are the green dragon roll (pictured above left - cucumber, avocado and shrimp), shrimp tempura roll (above right) and rainbow roll (above centre - cucumber, avocado, crab, salmon and tuna).  Some other fantastic rolls are the spicy crispy roll, philadelphia roll and the california roll (pictured below with another rainbow roll)! 

Be careful to save room for desert! Maki Sushi offers fried bananas, pumpkin cake and red bean cake.  They also have vanilla, mango and green tea ice cream.  I reccomend the vanilla ice cream with the pumpkin cake :)

The food here truly makes up for the forgetful waitstaff.  They are very good at explaining the items on the menu, but you may need to remind the server of items that you ordered.  This can become annoying, but does not really bother us too much.  Most times we are thankful because we often order too much food for us to finish.  Overall, this place is great and I highly reccomend it to sushi lovers!

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  1. Sounds like you know you sushi, never going to get me to eat it with you!